It’s a trend that many casino-lovers have had to behold painstakingly throughout the past years: swarms of people crowding up the place. They try to elbow their way to the front of tables, steal your spot at the slots and simply create a lot of noise. It has become impossible to simply enjoy a drink at a casino and bathe in the atmosphere. This used to be a favorite pastime of many of us, but we now tend to shy away from our beloved casinos. What is going on? And what can we do about it?

The trend I am talking about has been developing itself over the past ten years. It has mostly to do with tourism: whereas before casinos were a place where only the truly devoted set foot, those who loved the game and respected the rules, now it has become an attraction for all to consume. This means that there is no more sense of friendliness and hospitality, but only one of competition and rudeness. Casinos are seen as places where anyone can come to. The reality that it is a place for serious gambling, with its own rules and etiquettes, is largely ignored.

This is incredibly unfortunate for all of us who love casinos. Action has to be taken against it. We must take steps to ensure that casinos do not become places that are open for all, but only for those that are willing to contribute to a nice atmosphere. This means that casinos themselves also need to be willing to enforce their rules better. They need to value their reputation more instead of quick money. For this we need to raise our voices and talk to the ones that own the casinos. I see this as the only way to save our precious casinos.

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